So,Kristen Stewart is the new Balenciaga face or whatever and it was okay with me…  untill that poster ad came up on my Tumblr dash. Na-awh. Not good. Then I went on Just Jared [mostly because I had nothing better to do] and there was this whole big article about her,representing their new perfume and all,AND I QUOTE:

”    The 22-year-old star of the Twilight film franchise describes the fragrance as ‘natural” and ”very alive”.     ”

Then WHY in that ad does she look like a lifeless zombie with no sign of emotions in her face whatsoever?! She kinda looks a bit like that horrifying girl from “The Ring”,who,like, got out of the tape [or something] and messed with people.

JUST my thoughts,everyone.

But you know it’s true.

Pft. All concidered though,I’m very interested how will the perfume smell – I actually would buy it if the scent will be worth it.

Because it’s not about the face,it’s about the perfume. And that is what we’ve learned today.

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