I’ve realised I don’t like english comedy. At all.

I just don’t get it.

I’m from those people who likes to actually have a laugh not just stare at the actor thinking ”Was I supposed to be laughting or this thing just,like,really sucks? Or am I the idiot!?”

Because that is how I feel most of the time when I watch anything-England-ish,what is supposed to be a comedy.

Alright,it’s not that I’d be a big fan of the Hollywood comedies either – most of them are just really,really lame,you guys – but sometimes it’s just good to be laughting within the first 5 minutes instead of sitting by the screen like a complete looser,who doesn’t really understand to laugh or to cry because this is just so friggin’ BOOOOORING.

I know this post will possibly get some hate from the UK – hi there,fellas! – but I mean,SERIOUSLY though,high-five if you think English comedy is actually hilarious. High five.

And what do you guys think of it? Or maybe someone can just suggest some UK-comedy which you thought was super fun,so I could give it another try?

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