Over the weekend,I think I got drunk from eating alcoholic candies.

I’m just kidding!



Seriously though,I think I really did. I mean,not like drunk-drunk but definately super dizzy.


Theoretically,if I am a strict non-drinker who’s never had more than just a sip of the strong liquids,does that mean if I suddenly drink like a glass or more,I’m immediately wasted? I think I read somewhere that if a person hasn’t had an experience with alcohol,he can get drunk 3 times faster than other people who drinks,like all the time. Do you guys believe that stuff?


And the most important question here is can you really intoxicate from those candies? I personally think that not but I swear to you guys,I was in a really weird place after eating them.


If I come to think of it,I most likely shouldn’t have eaten the whole box.



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2 thoughts on “I GOT DRUNK FROM ALCOHOLIC CANDIES. No,seriously

  1. Ria says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that. I really hate alcoholic chocolates or anything with alcohol in it. I just don’t like the bitterness and weird taste.
    And love the Ted gif. ❤

    • Agreed! I actually don’t see the point of using alcohol in general,haha I think it just messes with your head!
      Yeah,the bitterness,definately,when I first tried one of those candies,I even sqeezed my eyes from the taste 🙂
      And thanks,you’re lovely!

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