Political Animals premiered tonight. ALL THE SEBASTIAN FEELS!

Because that is what it was – pure perfection. The cast (SIGOURNEY! And Sebastian,too! Let me love you!!),the plot,the entire pilot was great,there’s not really much else I could say. Well,there are a few things but who am I kidding,I’m not really capable of writing it all down,at least not today anyway.

Mhm. But I seriously need to get my shit together and write a proper review later.

For now though,I’m just going to snuggle under my blanket and cry because of all this perfection.

And yup,I’m going insane. Deal with it.



And YES,this post has 2 gifs. BECAUSE IT DESERVES

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4 thoughts on “Political Animals premiered tonight. ALL THE SEBASTIAN FEELS!

  1. cipher046 says:

    OMG I loved this first episode! The only thing that kills me is that its a miniseries and not a full season show, but that may be great because they can hit is with all killer content without losing ground. Did you ever watch Everwood by Greg Berlanti? One more, have you been watching Newsroom?

    • Let me love you! Haha,my thoughts exactly. Yes,the miniseries thing sucks and ugh,the fact they accent that (the fact there’s only 5 episodes left) so much in the promos and everything just makes me mad a little. In any way,nop I’ve never heard of Everwood actually,haha BUT I’ll might just check it out soon 🙂 Also,I haven’t been watching Newsroom but I know that people talk about it ALOT and somehow they compare (?) it to political animals,which I just don’t get because I’ve never watch the other show,haha 🙂 Is it any good? By the way,thank you so much for stopping by and leaving this nice comment! ❤

      • cipher046 says:

        I loved Everwood, and actually need to get back around to finishing the series. Its one of his earlier shows that reminds me a lot of this show in the way they have really inspirational moments that relate to most people’s lives despite the circumstances. Like that moment on the plane when Weaver tells Carla why she just keeps going forward is one of those simple powerful moments that you find littered throughout all of Everwood. Highly recomend that one!

        Its easy to compare Newsroom to Political animals because they both deal with politics about other than that I can’t say that they have any commonalities than that. Seriously, they are so different but I like them both. Political Animals is very family focused and dealing with that, where as Newsroom is about a Newsroom. It can be a bit smug and over the top at times, but what it does it does really well.

        No problem! I really like your blog and look forward to seeing more by you.

      • Alright,I shall definately check it out then!! 🙂
        Yup,well I still haven’t seen the Newsroom yet but about Political Animals though,I absolutely love Sigourney’s character,she has some of the best lines and yes,the entire thing is hugely family focused but I think that’s good,wouldn’t we be beyond bored if the whole thing would be just politics? 🙂

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