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My very personalised “Political Animals” appreciation post.

What is it with those fandoms that everyone always thinks that some certain celebrity is their husband or wife? I mean,he’s mine,obviously. Get over it. (But jk,really) (I just wanted to use this “Awkward” gif,y’all)

With that being said,it’s less than A DAY left till Political Animals go on in the USA. I mean… Sebastian Stan as a drug addicted yet totally adorable politican’s son? I’d tap that. And I’d tap that hard.

Here,I said it.

Alright,so if we pretend that I am not totally embarassed about what I just wrote,I’ve came to a conclusion that I finally have to take some action with my Sebastian obsession.

I think I’m sending a fanmail to him. Who knows,maybe I’ll receive a reply one day?

I’d bet that day will be  like Christmas.

Actually,the other day I thought about how many celebrity crushes I’ve had  (husbands,as I prefer to call them) – I’ve went from Zac Efron to Chace Crawford,to Chris Evans to Sebastian Stan. And I’m not even 18 yet.

Here’s a random thought: I love how people on Tumblr don’t judge you for your obsessions. I mean,someone likes Glee cast,someone likes Britney and someone likes pretty food pictures and all of that is okay – on Tumblr,they like you for who you are (which,most likely,is a crazy nerd freak who spends his time reblogging some deeply pointless shit.) And the best part is – you don’t have to fight over anybody,because we can all share!
It’s not like that person knows we even exist anyway.

And with all that being said,once again – sdlkfjdlkfgjb lgkyujlktjglflkjv lfkl monday morning (when I’ll be able to download it here,hopefully!),Y U SO FAR?

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I was just recently watching an old Marilyn Monroe movie and got totally mesmerized how playful and cute she actually was. Okay,I’ve heard how they say that Marilyn was probably one of the most difficult Hollywood actresses to work with but didn’t that all pay off when they saw the final result?! That is what I am thinking.

I really loved ”How To Marry A Millionaire” because,surprisingly,everything in that movie was just so true and relatable,even for the 21st century gal like me.

So,thank you Marilyn for your voice,playful acting,beautiful smile and iconic figure,which will always stay as a reminder to all the young and aspiring ladies out there that being curvy is an effect not a deffect.

Such a shame she died.

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For those of you,who’ve been in touch with me via Facebook or Twitter (Or real life,if that ever happens),know that I am the biggest obsess over America and it’s culture. I think it’s phenomenal how many americans turn patriotic on 4th of July and it,quite frankly,inspires me.

So,HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY fellow Americans,have a good time,drink lots of booze and stay safe!  &watch the fireworks,I personally love that stuff 🙂

Hope that one day I’ll be able to spend 4th of July in America too,so I could experience all of this day’s awesomeness myself.

Also,God bless you! And your families. And your friends. And your neighbours. And your teachers. And your children. And your cows.

I think it’s an appropriate day for me to watch ‘Captain America’. Again. And drool over Sebastian Stan and cry a river when Bucky fells off the train. Not to mention Chris Evans’s abbs…. Perfection.


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I’ve realised I don’t like english comedy. At all.

I just don’t get it.

I’m from those people who likes to actually have a laugh not just stare at the actor thinking ”Was I supposed to be laughting or this thing just,like,really sucks? Or am I the idiot!?”

Because that is how I feel most of the time when I watch anything-England-ish,what is supposed to be a comedy.

Alright,it’s not that I’d be a big fan of the Hollywood comedies either – most of them are just really,really lame,you guys – but sometimes it’s just good to be laughting within the first 5 minutes instead of sitting by the screen like a complete looser,who doesn’t really understand to laugh or to cry because this is just so friggin’ BOOOOORING.

I know this post will possibly get some hate from the UK – hi there,fellas! – but I mean,SERIOUSLY though,high-five if you think English comedy is actually hilarious. High five.

And what do you guys think of it? Or maybe someone can just suggest some UK-comedy which you thought was super fun,so I could give it another try?

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CODE RED,everyone!

I need new shoes for the summer but it’s actually really hard to find something what wouldn’t be overpriced or what I’d really like buying. When I walk into the store,I’m always like “boring… boring… boring…. CUTE,WANT!” and then I look at the price,immediately put the shoe down and walk away slowly as if nothing would have happened.

In fact,I’m convinced that price tags were invented to rip away people’s dreams.

I’m going to give it another shot sometime this weekend though and who knows,maybe this time I’ll find THE ones? And if not… I guess I’ll just have to keep on looking.

That’s the misery of life,everyone.

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