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I do like watermelons… But not this one.

So,I was eating watermelon the other day and it’s always a mess when it comes to:

1) cutting it,so you wouldn’t cut a piece of your hand with it;

2) eating it,so it wouldn’t drop all over your shirt,your mouth,your hands… Like,everywhere basically!

And then I saw this video on Tumblr (because I tracked the “watermelon” tag the other day. So what,some people track even weirder things there,so this is nowhere creepy yet) and it’s like… I do like watermelons but I would never in my life eat one,which would be served like this.

Enjoy the video,guys!

And I know it’s gross and all,so…. You’re welcome.

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You know how those people always complain –

  •   ”Oh,I wanna be healthier! Should I put this burger down?”
  • “I wanna look like Miranda Kerr on a diet!”
  • “I’m so stressed about my figure that I can’t even eat a BigMac today!”

People,it’s summer. Let’s face it,it’s too late to go on a diet now,because I’m pretty sure you’ll only gain some visible effects from it arround the time Jesus will resurrect. And really,what’s the point of starving yourself? Love your body and embrace it as it comes,because – and you can believe it or not,but either way this is true – if you love yourself,others will,too.

Seriously guys,just eat an apple and go lovin’ your life,because that’s the only one you’ve got.

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