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Once again – yes,I went to Lady Gaga #BTWBall show in Riga last night. And that shit was INTENSE.
I know a lot of you have been asking me how was the show,to tell you everything,how do I feel now and so on,so I’ll do my best to serve you all possible information and in-tell that I can!

And warning – this post might turn out as long as an essay,so…  read on your own risk,everyone! 🙂

Alright,here’s the basics: So,we had only standing tickets,no seats or anything. (The chairs in the arena were specifically removed,just for the Gaga show!) There were 3 zones – The cheapest one C,middle zone B,the closest to the stage – A,and then there was Monster Pit by the very stage. I had tickets for zone B,which meant I’m going to be standing right in the middle of the arena.

Also,you know how you have to get there starting 8 AM to get the chance to be in Monster Pit? Yeah,well I’ll get back to that later,too.

The doors opened for people to entry the arena starting 5 PM – the show was supposed to start at 7.

(Irrelevant information here – since my dearly beloved “friend” bailed on me,I went with my mom. YES I did,so what?!)

So,despite my mom was incredibly sceptic to going to 5 PM and kept whining all the way till we got to the arena – ”come on,and then you’ll just stand there till the show will start? From 5 to 7? You’ll get tired,honey AND SO WILL I! I’m not as young as I look!” –  we went there with the intention to be there at 5. And we were – there was sort of a (Not VERY long line but it was long) line already but then they opened another gate and we just quickly went there,s we got inside within like the first 20 minutes (and they opened like 10 mins late,for  the record).

While we were standing in the line,we got treated with macaroons and coke. HOW AWESOME WAS THAT!

(I had never eaten a macaroon in my entire life before and to be honest – probably won’t eat it again. I think I had some weird allergic reaction or something,because the minute I swallowed it,I felt like it’s going to come right back out,if you know what I mean!)

And by the way,here’s something else: And before you skip this ‘irrelevant’ information,just know – THIS WILL BE VERY RELEVANT LATER ON. So,read!!

While we were on our way to the venue,my classmate called me. Seriously,though.

She was like “so,are you going to that concert today?” and I was honestly so confused,she had never EVER called me before,we don’t even speak to each other at school! At least not very much anyway. (I kept wondering where the hell did she get my number?)

And I was like ”what concert?” (might seem as stupidest thing I could’ve said but mind you, I was confused,people!)

and then there was “blahblahblah” in the middle and she told me she’s going too,would I want to meet up,so I told her I’ll see her arround.

ALRIGHT > now back to the moment when we were standing in the line.

So,we got to the security check,he didn’t even check that much,I just opened one of my pockets of my bag and that was basically it. No hardcore check or anything,thanks God (for personal reasons).

We got inside by the time it was 5:30 – B and A zones were separated with some sort of a small fence or something,no idea how to explain. My surprise was that there were barely any people comming that early to our zone – we got standing spaces right by the fence! And the stage seemed very close actually,since A zone was pretty small. So yeah,me and mom hung out by the fence (my mom even made friends during the show by the way – DON’T ask me,I know it sounds weird!) and BOOM! my classmate was calling again.


She was like “Where are you?” and I was like “by the B zone,you?” She’s like “do you see the stage?” And I’m like,’well duhh” and she’s like “I’m right by the stage” and I was like “what?!” thinking,how the hell did she get there!? After another minute of embarassing confusement she rised her hand up and I saw her,so we continued our phone talk. I asked how did she get THAT close to the stage (and yeah,I was so confused that I even forgot the fact she was standing in the monster pit! For me it was just like “by the stage”) and she was like “go outside of the arena,you’ll see WC. There’s one guy handing out Monster Pit bracelets,just go and find him,and then come to me here” and I was like “what,wait,how,where,why!?” but I didn’t hesistate,I left my mom by the fence and was like “I’ll be right back” (for some weird reason I took my jacket,though) and went outside the venue to try my luck.

And there he was,that guy. He spoke english though,I walked right up to him and he was like “would you like to be in the Monster Pit?” and I was like “YES JESUS YES I DO I DO” (I felt like I was at a wedding or something because my I DO sounded pretty… orgasmic,if I can say so) and he was like “Well,are you a big Gaga fan?” and THANKS GOD AND THE HIGHER POWER I didn’t get confused there and I was like “Can’t you tell from my T-shirt? I made it myself!” and he was like “Yeah,I can tell” and “alright,here you go” and I was extatic. I was like “THANK YOU” and ran back to the venue. I didn’t get to meet my mom for any more,only after the show ended at like midnight or something.

I honestly felt very bad for that,though – we came together,I dragged her here,especially this early and not to be able to enjoy the show together… It was devastating,in a way.

But I called her from the Monster Pit and she said she was happy for me and told not to worry about her,she was “communicating with those awesome teens beside her” so she was doing pretty good there,thanks God.

So,I met up with my classmate and her sister inside the Pit and we spent the next 1,5h together there,partly standing and looking arround to all those crazily awesome costumes people had there,and partly sitting on the floor because honestly,I couldn’t stand for that long. (I probably would have died if I’d gotten here at 8 AM – poor guys who did! See,this was actually a proof that you can ALWAYS get a Monster Pit bracelet if you’re lucky enough,even if it’s right before the show when you think the Pit thing is over for you!)

Yeah,so we hung out there and then Lady Starlight came out.

Honestly? At first I thought “what the f**k is this thing?” because her show was,well,eccentric. I don’t know. And people weren’t responding very well to her performances,either. I just wanted to literally walk up to her and give her one of those Tumblr stars which say “You tried”. However,she looked pretty nice as a person and I tried my best to cheer on her 🙂

Then THE DARKNESS took over. THEY WERE SENSATIONAL. So amazingly wonderful and perfect. So tallented. Songs were great,too! I have a few videos (taken with my VERY shitty cellphone camera,though) because they were just THAT good. They totally warmed us all up,they were fantastic. I wasn’t even familiar with their music before but now I’m a fan,I’m a fan! They played for like an hour,the guys kept jumping arround and warming us up with their energy and positivity which I thought was so sweet and cool.

Oh and then the shit started. So,they finished at like 8 PM,right. And then – Gaga came up only at 9:10 PM.  So,we waited an hour and 10 minutes and it was the hardest thing to do. We were all tired,my ears were VERY ,how to say… well,I felt like I was half deaf already,because Monster Pit was very close to the sound system (Whatever it’s called) so it was FRIGGIN’ LOUD IN THERE.

Anyways. People kept yelling “GAGA GAGA GAGA” all the time,hoping she’d come out but as I said – an hour went by and we started to get pissed off,to be honest. But then… then the queen took over and it was all good from here.

She started with Government hooker and went arround the Monster Pit on her eclectic horse or something,so we got a VERY close look at her. She was gorgeous and the outfit was VERY creative,to say the least.

Yeah,so the excitement in the pit was phenomenal. But in a good way,you know? Nobody was pushing or anything – in fact,from my opinion the pit was half empty and I couldn’t understand why – and I even had a good space to jump or dance,so it was nice.

Then she sang Born This Way and to be honest,I don’t even remember what was next. I felt like I was going to pass the f**k out from the excitement,emotions and anticipation!

If we speak like that – I feel like I don’t even remember 70% of the show and that has never happened to me before! LIKE,normally I have a really good memory and everything so this is such a surprise for me. If I wouldn’t have any videos,I think I wouldn’t really remember a thing. So weird. I feel mad at myself for that now.

So,yeah annd during the concert…. I just exploded. Obviously,my classmate and her sister weren’t as excited,they kept criticising how “crazy” people were here (IT’S MONSTER PIT,WHAT DID YOU EXPECT) and how someone can go insane just for some singer,so I kind of grew angry on them,to be honest. I moved a little further from them,I mean I was still close but not that close to them. I was here to party,to dance and to celebrate – and I wasn’t going to just stand there and do nothing like they (sort of) did. No hard feelings though.

Anyways! My favourite songs of hers have to be Americano,BTW,and You and I. She nailed them. She was wonderful. And when she sang “Telephone” I was standing SO CLOSE TO HER (to her ass actually,because she rarely turned to face us,she more turned to face the crowd,which meant she was standing with her back on pit,which kind of wasn’t all that great,to be honest),like I stood in the 1st row and I could see her like,UP CLOSE. Like,insanely up close. I even have a video,I’ll post it somewhere soon,I promise.

Oh and she just randomly picked some girl from Monster Pit and was like “You look so beautiful,will you want to come backstage later?” and everyone were just going YEEAAAH and WOOOOOO and suff. I honestly felt happy for that person,whoever it was,I really did!

And she also called out one fan in A zone and was like “I remember you,you used to come to my show in France and give me those sunglasses,I remember your face!” (maybe she didn’t say exactly these words but the thought was the same)

So,yup! And the show went on and she kept dancing and stuff,it felt so nice and she had the most gorgeous smile my eyes have seen. She felt really heartwarm and sweet,she spoke in a very gentle way,so that touched my heart.

And then came the part were people were supposed to throw things/letters to the stage and I was too far to be able to do it. I feel so dissapointed I didn’t get my letter to her,I feel like I sort of failed myself,you know? Oh well. So,that sucked.

But anyways,some guy (or girl?) threw a T-shirt and SHE PUT IT ON! While singing HAIR & YOU AND I,she had it on. That was the sweetest thing,I believe. And she also put on a tiara which some girl threw,so that all was very nice.

And she dedicated one song to someone who was in the 1st row. Bliss.

One of the quotes I remember clearly was “Thank you all for comming tonight,for paying for a ticket,I know that shit was fucking expensive for you but I’m here and I’ll dance and sing and will make this a good night for you and everybody laughted because… Well,the ticket really was pretty f**king expensive,to say the least. At least for us anyway.

And while singing YOU AND I she took someone’s poster and ran arround with it. That somehow touched my heart and it wasn’t even my poster,haha ❤

Then she said “those people who have posters – you all can come backstage later” and again,I was dissapointed that WHY THE HELL DIDN’T I HAVE A POSTER? Ohh uhh. Anyways,NO HARD FEELINGS. At least,I’m trying to.

And then later she told to one another fan who was obviously on fire that “relax,you can come backstage later,too”.

She was so very nice to us all,so smiley and lovey-dovey it was beyond adorable 🙂

Oh yeah. She had those smoke effects going on on the stage and oh boy,they were comming in our faces pretty frequently. That sucked,because 1) we weren’t able to see much because of that and 2) I wanted to cough very often,so that wasn’t so great after all.

And then the last (not the last but you’ll understand what I mean!) song she sang was “Scheise”. And she ended with a “Good night,Riga!” and just went down. And we spent like the next 10 minutes wondering,WTF just happened and is she even going to come back? Some people already went out of the arena,by the way. So,that was one major confusement here and I couldn’t say it was nice.

Then I understood she didn’t even sing Marry The Night or The Edge Of Glory and I felt pretty pissed off,like if she ended like that,it was just not fair at all.

But then,after all the waiting,she went out to perform those two songs and it was great but for me the feeling was gone. I don’t know why,it’s not like I was that pissed off or anything but… I don’t know.

And then she finished it with Marry The Night.  She took a kid with a  green wig on stage (could’ve been 10 years old +/-) and she had a poster sign of “Gaga come here” and she was like “Well,I came,didn’t I” and she asked does the girl speak english (I didn’t hear what the girl said but Gaga repeated “a little bit?”) and she asked her “Do you have a pocket?” and the girl just stood here like “aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhddjgklfhkgjfkll” and Gaga said it twice and then was like “hold on” and put the girls poster in one of that girl’s jacket pockets. This doesn’t really make sense but anyways.

And then she sang,she danced,I was standing right behind both of them (as Gaga + kid were standing not on stage but on that… Oh f**k,how do I explain this? Anyways,she was facing the crowd again and with her back on us,what a surprise here) and tried my best to enjoy this.

And then they both went down and BOOM!,show’s done,bye bye.

So… It was definately one of the best experiences in my entire life but… Something was missing. I thought this show would change my life ( I was really hoping for that to happen) as I’ve heard so many people saying “Seeing Gaga live was lifechanging,she set me free” but I just didn’t feel it – no,I mean I did feel it but not THAT much. I didn’t feel that energy,not till maximum,you know? So,please don’t hate me when I say this but I felt like she wasn’t putting her entire heart in it because I recognized that 70% of what she said was exactly the same as she said in Vilnius the night before (like,EXACTLY the same. Like,word to word. Mhmmm,I don’t really know how I feel about that). Maybe I just shouldn’t have watched that one Lithuania BTWBall video on Youtube. Oh well.

So,yeah and then my mom called me where am I and there was this huge confusement because I didn’t hear her and she didn’t hear me,I was basically yelling like crazy in my cellphone for her to hear and don’t know if she did or not but I said I’ll be by gate 5 doors and repeated that like 10 times hoping she’d hear me and guess she did,as I stood here by the gate,she came up to me within like the next 5 minutes.

Then there was this crazy run from the tram to the centre of the city as it was nearly 0:15 here and the very last transportation back to our city was at 0:25,so that was insane but thanks God,we made it,got home safely,everything went well from that matter.

OH and I didn’t even mention how crowded the tram was! I was riding without a ticket,I confess but it was so crowded that nobody would even be able to check it,like we were standing basically squeezed between each other,so it was insane. But I laughted a lot in there,don’t know why.

My mom said she liked the show. Lady Starlight and The Darkness – not so much,as she was “here for Gaga not them” but she admitted it was an amazing show indeed and said she saw Gaga pretty well from that place where we originally stood at 5:30. I actually think she sometimes saw her even better than we did because she was facing that side a lot and us – not really.

So,that’s my crazy experience – I took some photos,crappy videos and everything (my camera died by the end of the show by the way. Stupid shit technology!),which I am going to put somewhere very soon.

OH and I think I lost my letter I had in my hand. It just fell somewhere I think,I don’t even remember where did I put it or anything,In just remember I had it in my hand for the show and when I was walking outside. It was so weird,after the show I almost felt brainwashed or something,like I don’t remember anything that happened. So weird. I’m actually starting to worry about myself,I normally remember everything very clearly,so this is something new and frightening for me.

Thanks for reading this,everyone! That’s my BTWBall experience in short (IN LONG).

Have you guys been to her shows,as well? Were your experience similar to mine?
Leave a comment,don’t be shy,fellows 😉


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So,as it’s literally NO secret to anybody anymore – I am attending the #BornThisWayBall tomorrow in Riga,Latvia.

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate that Lady Gaga herself (along with few dozen tech trucks and 1000+ people from her crew and staff) is in my country. Talk about dreams comming true.

Has anyone of you seen her new show live yet? What are your thoughts? And let’s not forget – does anybody have any tips & tricks how to get into actually meeting her?

Keep yo’ fingers crossed for me tomorrow,people! Who knows,maybe I’ll make my star shine after all.


And DON’T FORGET to check back the following weekend for all the details & dirt from the concert!

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