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Random confession: I don’t even work out. Like,AT ALL. And here’s why

Hey you guys!

As you know I’ve had a writers block for the past few weeks (or am I supposed to say days? I don’t even know for how long am I doing this bad! Is that weird?) and I couldn’t say I’ve gotten  better.  Big surprise there!

ANYWAYS,random question for you,my fellow bloggers: Do you guys exercise? Like,at all? And exercising your fingers by typing in the computer does NOT count.

To be honest,I don’t. Which probably is bad for me but here’s my reason why I don’t do shit: Because every single friggin’ time after I go and work out,I feel  this giant anger and sadness instead of satisfaction and positive exhaustion and that just blocks me inside.

Am I the only one?
Because everyone,and I mean everrrryone I know, says I am. Ugh. In that case,what is wrong with meh?

I’ve always been skinny from nature,so I wouldn’t need to excercise to be thin,I’d rather go and work out to build some muscles and gain some strenght. Y’know?  But when I go,it’s like,I have no problem running or riding the bike at the gym but I just don’t feel it,I don’t feel the satisfaction which you are supposed to get after a nice lil’ workout.

And needless to say,music doesn’t really help me with it,either.

So,yup my friends,do you feel my pain?

By the way,I am way too obsessed with the word “skinny” these days. BLAME THE 21st CENTURY.

I think I’m just going to start working out at home or something,one step at a time,and let’s see what happens. I’ll keep you guys updated!

Untill then… then.

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