I do like watermelons… But not this one.

So,I was eating watermelon the other day and it’s always a mess when it comes to:

1) cutting it,so you wouldn’t cut a piece of your hand with it;

2) eating it,so it wouldn’t drop all over your shirt,your mouth,your hands… Like,everywhere basically!

And then I saw this video on Tumblr (because I tracked the “watermelon” tag the other day. So what,some people track even weirder things there,so this is nowhere creepy yet) and it’s like… I do like watermelons but I would never in my life eat one,which would be served like this.

Enjoy the video,guys!

And I know it’s gross and all,so…. You’re welcome.

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You guys! Watch this and smile :)

If this video won’t completely re-define your standarts of a perfect proposal then I don’t know what or who ever will.

Someone on Facebook sent me a link to this video and can I just wow…. Magical things do happen in this life and by magical I mean – true love happens,guys. I wish all the best to these two crazzzy people and I just hope their marriage will last a lifetime! ❤

And the song is just… mind = blown.

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